Sunday, 2 August 2009

Harry Patch, last of the Great War survivors has died.

Old soldier Harry Patch has gone, over 90 years later than many of his comrades and friends who fought in the Great War.

Today, Peter Hitchens wrote this article in the Mail. I think it is worth repeating here for all those Liberal twits who admire the useless, pathetic cowards that run this country for their own benefit and not for the British people whose sacrifice is never ending.

"How strange it is to be marking the death of Harry Patch, the last straggler of the First World War, in the same week that we see yet another sad procession of coffins come home from Afghanistan.
And not only coffins. The return of the grievously maimed is in many ways harder to cope with – as is the Government’s shameful attempt to wriggle out of its obligations to them.
Note this. The millions of Great War dead and the casualties of Helmand are all victims of Left-wing idealist governments, blundering into war out of weakness and vanity.

Herbert Asquith’s Liberals were militant constitutional vandals – like New Labour – and pioneers of the welfare state. Like New Labour, they fooled the country into a disastrous war whose end they could not see.
I am now quite sure that we would have been better off staying out of the 1914 war, that it ended our Empire, handed over world leadership to the USA, greatly advanced the misguided cause of socialism and the power of the state, nearly bankrupted us and wiped out the brightest and best of all classes in a way that still affects us.
And yet it is also the greatest single demonstration of selfless sacrifice in the modern world. No wonder the sound of the Last Post still makes us weep.
It is the contrast between the clean, upright, honest courage of the soldiers and the mean, small-minded trickery of the politicians that makes the whole thing so hard to bear.
How is it that men such as Bob Ainsworth, a trade union plodder whose official spokesperson recently told me on the record that Mr Ainsworth attended meetings of the revolutionary International Marxist Group in his 30s (but refused to elaborate), end up in charge of the best men and women in Britain?The answer, alas, is that we have a political system under which we allow ourselves to be bribed by mountebanks with our own money.
Good, wise, competent and patriotic people steer clear of this haunted swamp, or are destroyed if they try to enter it. Year by year, it brings more and more sordid, trivial and unworthy people into Government.Perhaps it could have worked if so many potential leaders, teachers, scientists, engineers, poets, thinkers and good family men had not volunteered for early death in 1914, or been compelled into the trenches in 1916. Maybe it might have survived if we had not wrecked our state education system.
As it is, we are in a process of decline so steep that one day we will look back on Bob Ainsworth and Gordon Brown with nostalgia."

God Bless You Harry and thank you.