Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Oh how easily we are duped by the media

In a short conversation with a teacher of many years experience today, the subject of the American journalist whose beheading has shocked an otherwise comatose western world came up. 

I felt obliged to mention that the ISIS, IL, forces sweeping across Syria and Iraq had already murdered thousands of innocents from Christian, Yazidi and Shia communities on their rampage and explain that the Quran instructs such barbarism towards the infidel, kaffir and non believers unless they convert to the religion of peace.

In doing so I compared my own Christian beliefs to those of Muslims who don't actually behave with strict adherence to their guide book in the same way as I don't mine and that some things are best taken as a bit too daft to be taken seriously.

That said, I am not a Church goer as I have little respect for today's left wing pulpit preachers and find their twisting and reinterpreting, a cowardly political manipulation of truth and faith.

However my conversation with a learned friend went quickly downhill when she stated that the violent, murdering and butchering of civilians was down to the extremists choosing to interpret their Quran in their own way.

That was a completely wrong statement and I quickly pointed out that in fact the barbarians who have already murdered countless thousands cross the Middle East are carrying out the instructions to the letter and those who are not involved are the more reasonable members of the religion who do not wish to die in jihadist enterprises or spend their remaining days in prison.

Finally I mentioned that Islamic jihad was taking place across the world from Indonesia through Burma and India to Africa and into North America, at which point our little chat ended and off she went.

I must have said something wrong!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Double Standards From Cowards

When it came to saving the Muslims in Bosnia, the UN had little hesitation in ordering the bombing of Belgrade.  When it came to deposing Libya of its leader the UN had little hesitation in supplying and assisting the murderous rebels now wreaking havoc in the Benghazi area. When it came to trying to remove Assad in Syria, the UN had little hesitation in arming the Al Qaeda mobs rampaging through the towns and villages of eastern Syria or for that matter the Afghans when the Soviets invaded there.

But when it comes to the mass genocide of thousands of Christians and other minority communities by the militias that the west has armed and primed to do their dirty work, there is no urgency nor even hint that the mighty superpowers might intervene and stop the slaughter.

We might ask why not and we might convince ourselves that certain western leaders are biased against Christians in favour of Muslims and why wouldn't we when the evidence is out there.

On the other hand we might assume that our feeble leaders are afraid of the backlash from communities in our midst whose presence they have trumpeted as something we should be grateful for and to cause civil unrest would be an admission that they were wrong all along and we were right.

Actually though, it's probably all of those things because we are led by stupid, biased, cowards who need the politicised law enforcement organisations to impose their ideology on us...but not for much longer.