Friday, 24 October 2014

Ottawa attack nothing to do with Islam

The press continues with it's propaganda and lies every time there's an attack on a westerner, whether that is an official of some capacity or a civilian.

In recent days we've witnessed the murder of a Canadian soldier guarding a war memorial, a wild man with an axe attacking four policemen in New York and calls for worldwide Jihad against the civilised world by fanatics as well as the usual murders of Christians in middle eastern nations, but still the official line from our cowards in power is, "it has nothing to do with Islam".

Well it obviously has and the sooner they admit it better.

Islam is a doctrine of war and conquest that has been trying to take over the world since its inception nearly 1500 years ago and at some point they will succeed in another mass murder of innocents.

Those who will be responsible for the crime being allowed, sit in their plush country homes thinking what lies they can tell us next.

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